Selling houses in Covid-19 period: Technology occupies the “throne”

To avoid spreading the disease and minimize the risk of Corona virus infection due to direct contact, many people in need of housing have chosen the safe method of buying houses online. Therefore, selling houses through the App has brought positive effects to real estate businesses in Covid -19 period.

Real estate pandemic season: Technology becomes “the savior”

Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association (HoREA) recently emphasized: Corona virus pandemic is having a great impact on the global economy and Vietnam, increasing difficulties for the real estate market.

According to experts, however, the difficulty of the disease is also the “golden fire test”, an opportunity for real estate businesses to show their superiority, bravery and competitiveness in the market. For example, in Singapore, according to information from Shawn Xu, Vice President of Silversea Media Group, in the context of the global pandemic of Covid-19, a large Chinese real estate business has applied technology to allow customers to visit apartments with virtual reality technology. As a result, in just 3 days this business has earned 8.3 million dollars.

Sunshine Group launched the “Technology Shield” campaign to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic

In Vietnam, Sunshine Group can also be considered a “strange phenomenon”. While the real estate market was stagnant, paralyzed because of Corona, this “big” real estate still found a “bright door” to be able to “live well” during Covid -19.

The group has implemented a comprehensive “technology shield” system to protect its customers with the Sunshine App, a “super-app” sales solution, becoming a pioneer in opening up a new model, an online real estate transaction channel since January 2020, before the outbreak. The Sunshine App helps to maximize the transparency of Sunshine Group’s real estate projects, allowing buyers and sellers to understand easily, access products and transact conveniently on their smart phones. At the same time, the sales team can consult 24/7 online with individual customers or set up online consulting groups without meeting and directly contacting with customers to minimize the possibility of Covid-19 cross infection. This is also the reason why despite being in a pandemic period, while many real estate businesses are “dead”, the Sunshine Group’s business system still operates and trades normally.

The pioneering application of Sunshine App to real estate can be considered as a breakthrough that brings many benefits to customers as well as bringing absolute convenience to consultants, forming a new status for real estate brokerage market. In addition, the application of this technology to sales also reduces labor costs and operating costs. Thereby it reduces the price of products, bringing real value to each customer and every chain in the apparatus.

Many customers choose to purchase a home through the App to avoid face-to-face meetings and reduce the risk of disease contagion.

With many advanced features, according to statistics from Sunshine Group, there are more than 1,000 people installing Sunshine App and the number of Sunshine Real Estate transactions via App also increases dramatically at the peak time. Although the isolation order across the country was applied causing real estate businesses to be in turmoil, Sunshine Group still recorded nearly 500 successful transactions in late March and early April.

In addition, the super attractive sales policies are also the driving force that makes transactions on Sunshine App significantly increase. For example, customers will receive a voucher to buy Samsung Smartthings device worth hundreds of millions of dong and the chance to win an iPhone 11 newly launched in the market in the home purchase policy through Sunshine App.

Selling houses through the App also provides a stable source of income for real estate agents in difficult times because of the Covid – 19 pandemic. Mr. Hoang Minh, a real estate expert in Hanoi, said: “While many of my friends lamented because there are no customers, no revenue because the real estate business slumps, I still can easily advise to buy and sell houses without any barriers and close booking apartments for guests easily via Sunshine App. Not having to go out to meet directly, to avoid the risk of spreading the pandemic, customers can still deposit and pay for simple and convenient real estate transactions only through a phone with Internet connection. It is such an expensive benefit that real estate business in the traditional method does not have.”

Selling houses through the App, the trend of the future

According to a joint study by Google and the American Real Estate Association (NAR), 9 out of 10 people who want to buy real estate use the Internet to search for information. This is also one of the important prerequisites for the development of online real estate transactions in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular.

In the past, customers had to search for a sea of real estate information on the Internet, not knowing what was right or what was wrong. Now all the information you need is in one complete and transparent application. With the ever increasing development of technology, new and smarter types have been created to meet the needs of users in the most optimal way.

In addition, according to JLL Market Research, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are two of the cities with the most technologically young population in the world. 70% of the population under 35 years of age is a favorable condition for the application of technology to life easily. Many other areas of society have applied information technology in sales such as banking, technology vehicles, e-commerce …

Therefore, selling real estate by technology is also an inevitable trend in the future and is considered a prominent trend in 2020.

In particular, in the context of the outbreak of the Covid – 19 pandemic, which is now booming globally and has evolved complicatedly, many countries in Asia, Europe and America have taken measures to blockade or close the border or impose a curfew, even some places do not let people work or use public transportation. Doctors, health staff from all over the world send a very meaningful and moving message to call for people to stay at home as an effort in the prevention of Covid-19: “We go to work for you. Stay at home for us. “In Vietnam, the Government has taken tough measures of social isolation, strongly asking people not to go out if it is not really necessary, avoiding contact with crowded places to limit the risk of cross-contamination. While the whole world is struggling against the pandemic and the Corona spread virus terribly, the technology applications help all trading activities take place online and make people not to contact with each other directly.  It becomes “the savior”.

For example, the Sunshine App used for real estate transactions, has complied with the recommendations of the Government, showing the sharing of responsibility with the community, contributing to join hands with the country to repel the Covid pandemic. -19, is both the smartest and most effective way to limit the spread and spread of viruses, ensuring the health and absolute safety for agents and customers. For example, the Sunshine App used for real estate transactions, has complied with the recommendations of the Government, showing the sharing of responsibility with the community, contributing to join hands with the country to repel the Covid -19 pandemic, both the smartest and most effective way to limit the spread of viruses, ensuring the health and absolute safety for agents and customers.

Through the application of technology, investors provide accurate and complete information to ensure transparency for customers. Therefore, customers trust and choose real estate without consulting, meeting directly with people.

It is known that the online sales project on Sunshine App has been put into use by Sunshine Group since the end of 2019. It aims to “forestall”, addressing what Vietnam market has been lacking in the past. At the same time, it also satisfies the trendy and high-tech needs of e- citizens in technology 4.0.

Accordingly, with just a few simple steps, Sunshine App will open up full information about the projects handover device, finished material, intuitive and convenient 360o images, utility, progress, … in a transparent and detailed manner. From there, guests can easily make a decision to buy or invest. All real estate exchanges at home and abroad have the right to register to receive information, learn products and sell projects of Sunshine Group.

The benefits of brokers and distributors will be maximized thanks to the right to create IDs to lock apartments, book apartments automatically on the software system. With superior intelligent features, the broker can actively introduce products using technology from home.

In sum, this form of “digital” selling is supported positively by many parties. They are not affected much by negative effects from pandemic or economic fluctuations, bringing sustainable values to the industry.

According to the Phap luat