What is Sunshine Group ambitious about when launching a distinct real estate investment channel in Vietnam?

Information that Sunshine Group launched the first real estate channel (real estate) from only VND 100 million right on the Sunshine App immediately created a fever in the market, attracting a large number of investors to participate. So after an impressive opening, what are the ambitions of Sunshine Group in the near future?

Investing in Sunshine App is becoming the most attractive investment channel during the Covid-19 season when investors can stay at home, hold a phone and close a deal successfully. All the most detailed information about investment products from the legality, design, schedule, perspective,…. of investment products will be continuously updated on the Sunshine App super app for investors.

In particular, the initial investment value to own a billion-dollar apartment to a few dozen billion villa only from 100 million. Specifically, with a minimum investment of only VND 100 million, investors can easily choose an apartment and directly invest in the Sunshine App anywhere. And especially, investors will always be profitable because the value of real estate products always increases over time; otherwise investment has committed to repurchase.


Investing on Sunshine App is becoming the most attractive investment channel in the Covid-19 pandemic season

Sunshine Group representative shared that participating in Sunshine App investment, investors will enjoy 3 privileges. Firstly, the price of apartments invested on the App will be prioritized lower than the investor’s market price, which ensures investors from the beginning.

Secondly, at the end of each investment period, investors can choose to sell the apartment out or resell the investment and enjoy the minimum profit amount for each project. Specifically, if selling apartments to the market, in addition to fixed profits, investors can earn an additional profit due to the increase in the price of real estate. In case of reselling the investment, the investor returns the entire initial capital amount plus a very attractive profit. Thus, in any case, the investor still gains a safe profit depending on the price increase of the apartment.

Thirdly, when participating in investment, investors are also entitled to the policy to of investment amount in advance to serve flexible spending if needed. This is one of the attractive policies, showing Accompanying with investors in real estate products of Sunshine Group.

With many breakthroughs and differences, the investment feature on Sunshine App attracts the attention and participation of a large number of customers and investors.

A series of Sunshine Group projects located in many downtown locations of major cities are ready to provide opportunities for investors. For example, Sunshine Heritage Resort, Sunshine Golden River, Sunshine Mystery Villas, Sunshine Empire, Sunshine Crystal River in Hanoi area. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are large-scale projects such as Sunshine Diamond River, Sunshine Venicia, Sunshine City Saigon …

In the coming time, Sunshine Group will continue to expand this investment channel across 40 projects that this enterprise is implementing.

Sunshine Heritage Resort, a suburban eco-villa project of Sunshine Homes, is attracting investors on Sunshine App.

Especially, in the context of the real estate market is still in shortage of supply due to the limited land fund in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, along with the legal congestion, Sunshine projects are being a rare commodity in the market. This is also the reason why many projects of Sunshine Group in Hanoi recorded a strong annual price growth of about 10%. In particular, many projects branded Sunshine in Ho Chi Minh City with modern design and international standard utility systems, are also pricing up to 20% in the context of the current supply shortage.

Many of Sunshine Homes’ projects in Ho Chi Minh City have priced up in the context of a lack of supply (Image: Sunshine Diamond River)

According to the sharing of real estate investment channel on Sunshine App, Sunshine Group representative affirmed in the era of booming 4.0 technology, when all activities, transactions and interactions can be performed on smart application, the introduction of Sunshine App from Sunshine Group is a pioneering and unprecedented development in the market but in line with the strong development trend of modern technology and needs of investors.

>> Why Sunshine Fintech has become the Preeminent 4.0 Real Estate Investment Channel in the Covid -19 pandemic, explore via TVC below:


“Investing in Sunshine App provides financial services on the basis of Sunshine Homes’ outstanding superior quality real estate products, which are especially highly liquid. We are committed to making information transparent and supporting investment policies as well as connecting investor community to create the best investment playing ground ever in the real estate financial market “, said a representative of Sunshine Group.

It is known that from the application of technology 4.0 to Fintech financial technology in Sunshine App, a real estate app, Sunshine Group is creating a smart ecosystem for Sunshine App products. This will be a “digitalization” step that completely changes real estate investment thinking and methods, allowing customers to transact investments on the application platform with a preeminent, secure and safe policy system from Sunshine Group.

Only with smart phones, investors can stay at home and close the deal successfully.

It can be said that the breakthrough of Sunshine Group is creating a new wave of investment in the current real estate market privately and in the future generally. With 3 criteria: Flexible capital – Absolute safety – Fast transactions, investment through Sunshine App is considered to be an attractive and explosive investment channel by financial experts when real estate prices continuously increase in the context that gold price reverses and stocks plummeted.