Just after the Tet holiday, Real Estate Sales executives jubilantly won a hundred million gift from Sunshine Group

The earthquake" launched Sunshine App and "rain" of gifts in early spring of the Rat year 2020 has not "cooled" down, the investor Sunshine Group continues to assert the "play" when spending hundreds of millions of gifts for Real Estate Sales executives distributed via Sunshine App from February 02 to February 10, 2020.

Real Estate Distribution through Sunshine App – Sales receive great gifts

In early January 2020, Sunshine Group made a big breakthrough for Vietnam’s real estate market with the launch of Sunshine App – “An application for all application” that brings technological solutions, digital finance, direct impact on traditional real estate transactions.

In just a short time after the introduction of two high-end real estate projects, Sunshine Continental and Sunshine Horizon (in Saigon) on Sunshine App, bookings increased “dizzy” and received positive feedback from agents – brokers – customers.

Continuing the strategy of “digitizing” real estate trading, Sunshine Group will “launch” on the Sunshine App three more projects in Saigon: Sunshine City Saigon, Sunshine Diamond River, Sunshine Venicia and a series of projects in Hanoi and Nha Trang include: Sunshine Empire, Sunshine Heritage Resort, Sunshine City Hanoi, Sunshine Garden, Sunshine Palace, Sunshine Boulevard, Sunshine Center, Sunshine Golden River, Sunshine Crystal River, Sunshine Wonder Villas, Sunshine Wonder Villas – Luxury Boutique , Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay. These are all luxury projects of Sunshine Group which are attracting the attention of customers and investors thanks to their prime location and high-class modern facilities that have made Sunshine brand ever.


Sunshine Group introduces more projects through Sunshine App.

In particular, in the implementation of these new projects through the Sunshine App, Sunshine Group will continue to drawing lucky numbers for many valuable gifts for sales staffs under the agents registered with the investor and installed successfully Sunshine App.

Specifically, for sales staffs who distribute Sunshine Group’s projects in the North, in the 4 days of February 15,20,25,29 there will be consecutive lucky draw rounds with the total prize value up to 18 iPhone 11 phones.

Meanwhile, in the South, the lucky draw will take place in 3 days (February 15, 20, 25) to find 9 lucky sales staffs who each win an iPhone 11.

Especially, on 10/3/2020, Sunshine Group will give 02 Special Prizes, each worth 05 9999 gold ounces to sales staffs of both the North and the South.


Details of attractive prizes for Northern and Southern sales staffs who distribute projects through Sunshine App.

Not only sales staffs, Sunshine Group also offers attractive gifts for Northern and Southern agents to participate in distributing real estate through the App. Accordingly, in the period from February 3 to March 10, 2020, agents who have the most sales staffs to install and sell products through the Sunshine App will receive a commission increase of 0.3% compared to Agency commissions are received in March 2020 for all projects that are distributed through the Sunshine App.

In addition, southern agents will be given priority to choose beautiful fund of apartments in the first month of sales at Sunshine City Saigon, Sunshine Diamond River, Sunshine Venicia. While agents in the North will be given priority to choose beautiful fund of apartments in the first month of sales at Sunshine Heritage Resort or other projects going to be deployed by Sunshine Group.



Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung – Director of a real estate company in Hanoi said: “The brokers of our Saigon branch won a lot with 2 projects Sunshine Continental and Sunshine Horizon, that’s why our employees in Hanoi are very excited to know that Sunshine Group will distribute through the app more projects here. According to the report from the previous booking of 2 projects, the rate of customers deciding to buy an apartment via the app is higher and much faster than normal brokers”.

Mr. Hung also excitedly shared: “In addition to the attractive gifts of Sunshine Group that motivate the sales team, the Sunshine App’s transparency as well as superior features help to make procedures fast, less cumbersome also makes the process of buying and selling real estate be faster than usual. Customers are also less worried when all information is transparent and digitized extremely convenient.

Sunshine App – Effective took of real estate sales and distribution agents

Sunshine App is considered as an “extended arm” to help the system of sales staffs and real estate distributors along with Sunshine Group to make transparency, professionalize the customer consultancy process, commission payment issues and effective business management. Especially, all domestic and foreign real estate exchanges have the right to register to receive information, learn products and sell real estate projects of Sunshine Group on Sunshine App.


Domestic and foreign real estate exchanges have the right to register and distribute real estate on Sunshine App

Through this application, Sunshine Group will publish full information on real estate projects such as project name, location, utilities, scale, space, images, sales policy, apartment fund for sales, apartment price…. so that customers and sales staffs can actively search for information. The Sunshine App’s continuous updating of accurate and detailed information on projects not only helps to make information transparent to customers, but also brings many advantages to the sales system and distribution agents in quickly capturing information on products.

An agent of Sunshine Group, after experiencing the buying and selling of houses on Sunshine App, commented: “Thanks to this application, we can easily manage our sales team because only with the consent of the agent, New sales have the right to create IDs and consult on the app. Advisory groups are also supported and supervised by exchanges owners or professional consultants of the investor. All sales activities of each individual broker are digitized and stored in the transaction history to help brokers and agents easily manage sales and commissions”.

Not only that, according to the leader of Sunshine Group: “In Sunshine App, we have integrated Fintech to create flexible, transparent and suitable investment, finance – payment and credit features for all audiences, providing real solutions for an electronic citizen 4.0”.

Accordingly, the purchase of a house seems complicated, now all operations will be conducted online and the signing is done automatically, making buying a house becomes as easy as buying a book on Tiki or an item on Shopee. Not only that, with Fintech, Sunshine App also opens up real estate investment opportunities, promising to bring investors into the exciting, safe and highly profitable game.

It can be said that through the Sunshine App, Sunshine Group has shown their “mind” when not only interested in the benefits for customers but also ensuring the interests of both agents and sales staff system. The development of Sunshine App also contributes to affirm the “status” of Sunshine Group, which is the leading enterprise in the application of technology in real estate, helping to drastically change the appearance of the market while bringing Vietnam Real Estate to keep up with the world.