Hot: In the Covid-19 pandemic, the real estate market exploded with the most attractive investment channel

In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, the traditional real estate investment in the becomes difficult, the feature of investing apartments from only VND 100 million on the Sunshine App becomes the most attractive market.

The Covid-19 epidemic is raging throughout the world, causing Vietnam and other countries to strain themselves against the epidemic. According to experts, now under the impact of epidemic diseases, the real estate market is like a compression spring, just waiting for the time to bounce up strongly. Once the epidemic is well controlled, the market will simultaneously welcome strong demand from both customers and investors.

Because of this reason, in the context of plummeting stock market, sudden increase in gold price, many investors have quickly seized the “opportunities in difficulties” to find new investment channels that are “safe and sustainable” and certainly 100% profitable. One of the most attractive channels for investors today is real estate investment on Sunshine App with an initial capital of only VND 100 million.

Investment funds are the hottest apartments in a series of projects

Sunshine Group said after 2 months of launching, Sunshine App has attracted thousands of investors to install and register for investment. To meet the growing demands of investors, the Group has recently launched a series of large and most attractive projects in the market in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City with a fund of up to thousands of apartments to serve investors.

Sunshine App – “an application for all applications” of Sunshine Group, creates great attention in the market.

In Hanoi, there can be a series of ready-to-cart projects for investors such as Sunshine Golden River, Sunshine Mystery Villas, Sunshine Empire, Sunshine Crystal River … These projects are all rare suppliers in the real estate market with a gold location in the central districts of West of West Lake and My Dinh. In particular, the apartment fund for the investor is selected as the most beautiful apartments of each project.

In Ho Chi Minh City, a series of projects in District 7 with the largest scale in the market such as Sunshine Venicia, Sunshine Diamond River, Sunshine City Saigon … also officially reserved the gold fund for investors. In particular, at the Sunshine Diamond River project, the apartment fund dedicated to investment features is the apartments in the process of completion, ensuring absolute safety for the investment of customers.

There is a special thing that the projects of Sunshine Group invested always have a strong annual price growth, which has created confidence for investors in the past 3 years. It can be mentioned as Sunshine City Hanoi, investors have been able to profit up to 20% compared to 2 years ago, or the Sunshine City Saigon project, despite being launched in the market more than 1 year but also recorded a price increase of up to 10%. A series of other projects on the central land of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with modern designs and international standard utilities, are also seeing sharp price increases in the context of current supply scarcity.

Why is investing on Sunshine App “storming” on the real estate market?

Although newly launched, the form of apartment investment through Sunshine App has attracted a large number of investors to participate. According to the explanation of prestigious financial experts, there are three major reasons that make this investment channel such as a magnet for investors: High profitability – Great security – Strong liquidity.

Investment feature on Sunshine App “storms” on the real estate market

Different from ordinary apartment investment, the partial investment in Sunshine App investors only need to spend the lowest investment of VND 100 million. In particular, the price of apartments invested on the App will be given priority lower than the Investor’s market price. At the end of each investment period, investors can choose to sell the apartment or resell the investment and enjoy the minimum profit rate for each project.

Specifically, if selling apartment in the market, the investor can earn an additional profit due to the increase in real estate prices. In case of reselling the investment, the investor gets the entire initial capital amount plus a very attractive profit. Thus, in any case, the investor still gains a safe profit depending on the price increase of the apartment.

Especially, when participating in investment, investors are also entitled to the policy of advanced investment money to serve flexible spending if investors need. This is one of the attractive policies, demonstrating the companion with investors in Sunshine Group’s real estate products.

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According to Mr. Nguyen Hoang – an investor in Sunshine App, investing through Sunshine App is the safest form of investment among the forms of investment in the real estate market today. Investors can still preserve capital throughout the investment process. At the end of the investment cycle, the product is committed to buy back at an attractive profit or create conditions for the investor to transfer to get more income. In case investors want to buy back apartments, they will be given priority to buy at preferential prices.

“In the context of limited exposure and travel when the Covid-19 epidemic is spreading as currently, the investment function on Sunshine App has created a separate investment channel, suitable to the current situation, flexible, active and proactive to customers. In addition, Sunshine App has also opened up a new form of safe, profitable and attractive investment for investors instead of way of risky real estate investments like rushing into the land craze or investing in the crowd”, Mr. Hoang asserted.

Sharing the same view with Mr. Hoang, many investors also identified that a new form of investment at the right time when the real estate market is highly disturbed in the epidemic is a good opportunity for investors. While many investors are still ‘hibernating’, those who are quick to seize opportunities in difficulties and choose a sustainable investment channel will gain a great bargain when the market rebounds strongly after the epidemic ends.